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Q: What percentage to pass to get grade 7?
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What is the percentage grade of 1 out of 7?


Can you still pass grade 7 if you don't pass math?

yes because you won't pass the 7th grade only if you get E's in every class.

What grade does 7 out of 8 equal?

As a percentage it is 87.5%

What grade is 35 out of 45?

As a percentage it is 77.'7'% repeating '7'

What is the percentage for meeting mastery on the gee test?

Who cares, you'll get the same grade whether or not you know the pass.

How many credits do you need to pass grade 12?


Can a 17 year old be a 7th grader?

yes they can cause if they dont pass a grade they get held back but to be a 17 year old in grade 7 they would have to not pass many grades.

What is the grade if you miss 1 out of 8?

If you score 7 out of 8 you have a percentage score of 87.5%.

What is the grade you have to get to pass the 5th grade?

you have to be in 4th grade to pass to 5th

How is the final grade calculated for a HNC?

The general framework for grades is:A Pass grade requires that a student achieve a Pass (equivalent to a percentage mark of 40%) in both the aggregate coursework and the examination, or an aggregate Pass in coursework and examination but a fail (with a performance equivalent to a percentage mark of 30% or above) in one element.A Merit grade requires that a student achieve a performance significantly better than Pass (equivalent to a percentage mark of 55%) in all elements of a module or outstanding performance in some areas of the module with pass performance in others.A Distinction requires that a student achieve outstanding performance in all major areas of a module (equivalent to a percentage mark of 70%)

What percentage would you get if you missed 7 questions out of a 30 question 6 grade quiz?


What is a perfect percentage grade?

The perfect percentage grade would be 100%. Usually 90% for just an A grade.