What produces the lowest pitch?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What produces the lowest pitch?
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What produces the lowest pitch a Congo drum or bass drum?

the bass drum produces the lowest pitch

What bar on the xylophone produces the highest pitch?

the smallest bar produces the highest pitch because the biggest bar has the lowest pitch and it produces energy

Is a bass a high pitch or low pitch?

Larger instruments produce lower pitches; the Bass Clarinet, being one of the largest types of clarinets, produces one of the lowest sound.

Which instrument has the deepest voice?

It is likely that a large, well made pipe organ produces the lowest sounds, at least among the acoustic instruments. Electronically you can produces sounds of arbitrarily low pitch.

Which harp string produces the lowest pitch?

the octobass, not comenly used in modern orchastras, its lowest string is tuned to C1 (32.7 Hz), one octave below the lowest C of the cello (C2, 65.41 Hz). in modern orchastes the lowest piched instrument would be the double bass.

Which instruments can produce the lowest pitch?

The instrument that can produce the lowest pitch are Saxophone,Woodwind & low pitch Piano ect....

Which member of the clarinet family has the lowest pitch?

The Bass Clarinet should have the lowest pitch.. or if not the Bassoon

What instrument makes the lowest sounds?

The Contra-bassoon is 18 feet of tubing and can produce a lower pitch than a tuba, but is a rare instrument and I am not 100 percent sure it produces the lowest sound of any musical instrument.

Which has the lowest pitch sound Cello viola or bass?

The bass has the lowest pitch of these instruments, followed by the 'cello and then the viola.

What is the synonym for fundamental?

lowest pitch

Put the lowest and the highest instruments in order highest and lowest?

order of brass instruments from hightest to lowest pitch

What is the name of the lowest singing voice?