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Q: What room has no walls floor ceiling or windows?
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What room does not have doors windows walls floor or ceiling?

a mushroom

You are stuck in a room. There no windows or a ceiling and the walls are indestructible. How do you get out?

You fall through the floor....

You and a friend are trapped in a brick room The walls floor and ceiling are all brick and there are no doors and windows In the middle of the room there are 3 matches How do you get out?

you dont.

Floor to ceiling windows are called what?

Floor-to-ceiling windows are simply referred to as "floor-to-ceiling windows." They are windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling of a room, providing panoramic views and plenty of natural light.

What is a room that has no floor no walls no windows and also has no door?

A mushroom

This is a room that has no floor no walls no windows and also no door What is it?


When Helen was on vacation she found a room that had no floor or ceiling and no windows or doors what type of room did she find?

A mushroom.

A room measures 9 ft by 11 ft it is 8 ft high find the area of the floor ceilling and four walls?

In the extremely unlikely event that the room has no doors (nor windows), Area of floor and ceiling = 99 sq ft each. Area of smaller walls = 72 sq ft each. Area of larger walls = 88 sq ft each.

This is a room that has no floor no walls no windows and also no door. What is it?

It is a mushroom!

How many square feet in a room that measures 14 by 34?

476 on the ceiling. 476 on the floor. To calculate the walls, we need to know the height of the ceiling above the floor.

How can someone forecast what lighting will be needed in a room?

One could look at the size of the room, the colors of the walls, floor and ceiling, how they relate to the colors of the furniture and their spatial relations. The light will be reflected by all the objects in the room and the six sides a room has (floor, walls, ceiling). Based on this information one can have an intuition about what lighting would be needed.

What is the square feet of a 18.7 by 11 room?

Floor . . . 18.7 x 11 = 205.7 square feet Ceiling . . . same as floor Walls . . . need the height of the room in order to calculate these