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Q: What shape has four faces that are isosceles triangles?
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What is the name of the geometric solid with four faces that are congruent triangles?

Isosceles TetrahedronA solid with four faces is a tetrahedron. Each of the faces is a triangle. If all the triangles are congruent, you have an isosceles tetrahedron.

What shape has 4 triangle faces?

The tetrahedron. If one of the four triangles is equilateral and all others are isosceles, then one might also call it a (triangular-based) pyramid.

Shape with four faces?

A three-dimensional figure or shape, such as a tetrahedron, has four faces. These faces are equilateral triangles. A tetrahedron also has four vertices and 6 edges.

What shape has all faes triangles and four faces?

A triangular pyramid has.

What is the name of the shape that has four equal sides for the base and the faces are triangles?

A pyramid.

What is a shape with 4 faces 4 corners and 6 edges?

A tetrahedron; a shape made of four triangles.

What shape has a square face and four triangular faces?

A pyramid - it has a square base, and four triangles meeting to a point at the top.

How many triangles does a pyramid have?

A pyramid has a variable number of triangular faces. The base of a triangle can be practically any regular shape, starting with a triangle. Technically a pyramid can have four or more triangles as faces.

What shape has 5 faces and 5 corners One of your faces looks like a square and the other four look like triangles?

a square pyramid

What shape has 4 faces which are congrugent triangles?

A four faced figure is a tetrahedron. If they are all congruent triangles, they are all equilateral triangles and it is a regular tetrahedron - one of the 5 Platonic Solids.

You have five faces four of your faces are triangles what are you?

Square Pyramid

How do you use 4 identical isosceles triangles to make an isosceles triangle?

Here is one way: /\ --- /\/\ ----- These are {45°, 45°, 90°} triangles. There are 3 on the bottom row, and 1 on top. Actually, any four identical isosceles triangles would work.