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a trapezoidal prism

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Q: What shape has four rectangular faces and two trapezoidal faces?
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What kind of soild has eight edges and five faces?

rectangular pyramid, square-based pyramid, trapezoidal pyramid any pyramid whose base is a shape with only four sides

What is a shape that has three-dimensional shape and one rectangular face and four triangular faces?

A rectangular-based pyramid.

What is The face shape of the rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism.... has four rectangular, and two square faces.

What shape has two triangular faces and two rectangular faces?

There is no such shape - unless there are other faces. If there is one rectangular face then you require at least four other faces - one on each edge of the rectangle - making a minimum of 5 faces.

What has 6 faces and 8 vertices four of the faces are rectangles and 2 are squares what is this shape?

Its a rectangular prism

What shape does have the face of rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism has six faces. Four of these must be rectangular: the other two may be square or rectangular.

How many square faces does a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism does not need to have any square faces. All its faces may be rectangular in shape. However, it may also have two or four square faces, yet still be a rectangular prism.

Does a rectangular prism have rectangular faces?

A rectangular can either have six rectangular faces, or four rectangular faces and two squared faces.

This shape has four flat triangular faces and one flat rectangular face what is it?

A pyramid

Does a rectangular prism have 6 faces?

A rectangular can either have six rectangular faces, or four rectangular faces and two squared faces.

What shape has four triangular faces?

A square or rectangular pyramid.NO. The above have four triangular faces PLUS a square or rectangular face. A tetrahedron has only four faces, all of which are triangular.A triangular based pyramid has 4 triangular faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices

How many rectangular faces does Rectangular prism have?

it has four rectangular sides and 2 square faces * * * * * It need not have ANY square faces. It can have six rectangular faces.

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