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A circle.

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Q: What shape is a soccer ball when flattened?
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What are the shape of polygons on a regulation soccer ball?

A regulation soccer ball is comprised of both hexagons and pentagons.

What is the geometric name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The shape of a soccer ball is a sphere. The stitching pattern of a traditional ball is that of a truncated icosahedron cocentric with the sphere with the pattern projected onto the sphere.

Is a soccer ball really a sphere?

that's the shape.

How does a soccer ball represent a person?

it represents a persons head in a ball shape!

Who palys soccer?

Anyone who wants to (including me!) That is in good shape and can kick a soccer ball !

Which allotrope of carbon has the shape of a soccer ball?

Buckminsterfullerene C60

Is a soccer ball bigger in shape size than a bowling ball?

There is no doubt about it. The soccer ball should always be bigger in shape, size than that of a bowling ball. While the later is played by bat, the former is played by foot.

What is the mathematical name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The soccer ball is round in three dimensions. It's a sphere. (The Laws of the Game actually specify a spherical ball.)

Why the shape is a sphere in soccer?

So that the ball can roll cleanly on the field.

What is the shape of allotrope of carbon called buckminsterfullerene?

A hollow soccer ball

Which can you throw farther a football or a soccer ball?

You can through a football much further then a soccer ball because of it's design. The shape of a football, if thrown properly, makes it much more aerodynamic then a soccer ball.

Is a quasar is a galaxy shaped like a flattened ball?

It could be, but the definition quasi-star depends on the radiation output, NOT the shape.

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