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A shape with at least one side that is not straight, a shape where a pair of straight lines cross one another (like an angular figure of 8).

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Q: What shape with 4 sides not a quadrangle?
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Is a rectangle a quadrangle?

A quadrangle is any shape with 4 sides. It can be a square, rectangle, or anything that has 4 sides.

Give me an answer of what a quadrangle is?

a quadrangle is a 4 sided shape like a square or a rectangle a triangle isn't a quadrangle because it has 3 sides not 4

How many sides does a quadrangle have. IT has 4 sides?


What is a polygon and a quadrangle?

A polygon is a closed plane shape which is bounded by straight lines. A quadrangle is a polygon with 4 sides.

What is a quadrangle that has 4 equal sides and not parallelogram?

There is no such shape. If the four sides are equal it MUST be a parallelogram.

What is a quadrangle shape?

A quadrangle is a shape that has four right angles. It is also consider a parallelogram due to its four sides. Just think of a quadrangle as a square but different.

Number of sides in a quadrangle?

4 sides as the shape's name actually says 4 angles, therefore each angle must be connected by a side, therefore there are 4 sides.

What quadrangle has only one side?

A quadrangle is any shape which has 4 angles. In order for an angle to exist, there needs to be two lines meeting at a point. If the shape is a polygon (a closed 2d shape) then 4 angles means it must also have 4 sides. Thus a quadrangle with only one side would be impossible.

How do you draw a quadrangle with 1 right angle?

Draw a square / rectangle, a quadrangle is just a shape with 4 sides, as long as one is a right angle your golden

What is the shape of a quadrangle?

A quadrangle, or quad, is a courtyard that has four sides. It is usually shaped like a rectangle or a square.

What shape is a quadrangle that has 2 pairs of equal sides but is not a parallelogram?

its a kite

What is the definition of quadrangle?

A shape with four sides, usually between buildings.