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wash your hands

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Q: What should you do when bleach splashes onto your hand?
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What happened if you prick the balloons?

The balloon pops and the water falls out and splashes onto the floor.

What happens when a balloon filled with water is pricked with a pin?

The balloon pops and the water falls out and splashes onto the floor.

Should you pour bleach on the basement floor?

It is not recommended to pour bleach directly onto the basement floor as it can damage the surface and may not effectively disinfect the area. Instead, dilute bleach in water according to the manufacturer's instructions and use it to mop or scrub the floor. Make sure to ventilate the area while using bleach and wear protective gloves.

How do you mix 12 poroxide cream with bleach powder?

the ratio with most permanent colours is 1:1 but with bleach the 12% poroxide should be mixed until it is thickish creamy texture. not too thick as the bleach expands and will fluff up as it oxidises. hope that makes sense. not advisable to put 12% right onto scalp. try lower %age.

What happens when steam condenses onto your hand?

It will make your hand wet

Can you use bleach in a pressure washer?

It is not recommended to use bleach in a pressure washer as it can damage the internal components and seals. Bleach can also be harmful if sprayed onto plants or vegetation. It is best to use cleaning solutions specifically designed for pressure washers.

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Most likely he won't but he will be a little confused. You should get a treat and set it on the palm of your hand and see if he will walk onto your hand. Hope I helped!

Can I use regular by hand dishwashing soap in my dishwasher?

You should not use hand dishwashing detergent in your dishwasher. The suds created by the soap will spill out onto the floor and is very difficult to clean up.

Why can't you pour bleach directly onto clothes?

Bleach is a strong chemical that can damage fabric fibers, causing them to weaken, become faded, or even disintegrate. Diluting bleach in water first allows for better control of the concentration and reduces the risk of damage to the clothing.

Can you use ala bleach to remove colour of other cloth from your white dress?

If you mean another color bled onto your white dress in the wash, no. Don't use bleach unless the dress is safe for bleach. You can only use bleach on 100% cotton. You can try using Ritz Color Remover. It's made to take out dyes.

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