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a cone because if u "squash" it it will give you flat faces and it can roll because its smooth.

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Q: What solid has 2 flat face and can roll?
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What is a solid that has 2 flat faces and can roll?

A cylinder would fit the given description.

What face has one curved face 2 flat faces?

When you say "What face" did you mean "What solid" has one curved face and two other flat faces? A solid that can be imagined is a melon wedge, cut from a sphere. Two flat faces come from the two cuts with a knife, and the one curved face that formed the rind. If you did not mean "What solid" then that makes your question unclear. I cannot imagine a face made from three other faces. Perhaps a face made from three other lines with one of them curved? It would seem you used a word wrong somewhere in your original question.

Is a square has one flat face?

It has one flat face if its 2 dimensional. It has 6 flat faces if it is 3 dimensional.

What is solid face in geometry?

A contradiction. A solid is a 3-dimensional object, a face is 2-dimensional. Hence you cannot have a solid face.

You have 2 faces you roll which solid figure are you?

A cone?

What solid figure has 2 faces and can roll?


What does face mean in math?

3d shape* * * * *It does not.A face is a plane (2-dimensional) part of the surface of a solid (3-dimnsional) object. Sometimes the term is includes curved surfaces, such as along the length of a cylinder.

What shape has two faces and can roll?

A cylinder. Technically, the curved surface of a cylinder is not called a face, only the flat surfaces, so a cylinder has 2 faces and one curved surface.

What has 1curved face and 2 flat surface?

A Cylinder

Which solid figure has only 2 flat surfaces?


A cylinder has 1 cuverd face and ----------flat faces?

..... 2 opposite parallel flat faces

What solid figure has 2 flat surfaces and 0 vertices?