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Q: What term describes a transformation that does not change a figure's size or shape?
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What is the rule that describes transformation?

The transformation rule states that a transformation is an operation that moves, flips, or changes the size or shape of a figure to create a new figure that is congruent to the original. This rule is used in geometry to describe how geometric figures can be altered while maintaining their essential properties.

Change in position shape or size of a figure?


What word describes two figures that are the same size and shape?


What is the result of transformation?

The result of a transformation is a change in the object's position, size, or shape according to a set of rules or operations defined by the transformation. This can include translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations.

What is a change in the position shape or size of a geometric figure called?

a transformation

What is a characteristic that best describes what happens during a physical change?

A physical change involves a transformation in the appearance, shape, or state of a substance, while its chemical composition remains the same. This means that no new substances are formed during a physical change.

What word Describes how geometric figures of the same shape are related to one another?

dis dick

What term best describes two figures that are the same shape but not the same size?

They are said to be similar

How do you define each transformation for math?

A change of the position shape or size of a figure.tatiana

Does a transformation ever change the shape of a figure?

Yes. The transformation from y = f(x) to y=f(2x) will compress the shape along the x-axis by a factor of 2.

What is the difference between rigid transformation and a size transformation?

A rigid transformation is when a shape is moved with no changes to its shape whereas a size transformation is when a shape is moved with its shape becoming smaller or larger.

which of the following properties describes plasma?

it can change shape and volume