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Q: What three countries formed when Gran Columbia collapsed?
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List three countries that border the Caribbean sea?

Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica

What three countries in south America have equator passes through them?

Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia

What three Latin countries were especially big producers of Cocaine and Marijuana?

Bolivia, Peru, and Columbia

When was benelux formed?

The Benelux Economic Union was formed in 1944 during World War II. It aimed to promote economic cooperation among Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

What 3 countries in South America have the equator passing through?

The three countries in South America that the equator passes through are Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

What three countires in south america does the equator pass through?

There are only three countries in South America that the equator passes through. Those countries are Columbia, Ecuador, and Brazil.

What are the three countries that were formed out of British India?

England, Wales, Scotland And Northern Ireland

Three countries that formed axis powers in world war 2?

Germany, Italy and Japan.

Three countries that formed the Axis Powers?

Germany, Italy, Japan were the three axis powers during World War 2

Through which three countries in sounth American does the equator pass?

The equator passes through Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil in South America.

What three countries come together to form the triple frontier?

The triple frontier is formed by the countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

What are three countries in South America have the equator passing through them?

The answer is Ecuador, Columbia, and Brazil.