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Q: What time will be required for a sum of money to double itself at 5 percent simple interest?
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What time will be required for a sum of money to double itself at 5 percent simple interest full disclose?

It will take 20 years.

What is the rate of interest if a sum of money doubles itself in 10 years at simple interest?

A simple interest rate of 10 per cent per year will double a sum of money in ten years.

In how may years a sum of money at the rate of 10 percent simple interest per annum will triple itself?

30 years

Do you know how to calculate the car interest of a pre owned vehicle?

You calculate 10 percent off of the car itself. After that there are usually a calculator that will help you with the rest. Or just ask when you get to the dealer

What is the highest money market interest rate so far this year?

Money market interest rates vary based on the value of the money market account itself. For accounts ranging from 10 to 25 thousand dollars, the best rate is from Everbank at 1.01 percent.

What organ can regenerate itself if it loses 80 percent of itself?

The liver.

Can a judgment get interest applied to it?

Yes it can. Usually in the judgment itself it will state the interest rate wich applies.

What is 480.00 with 10 percent interest?

An easy way to calculate your interest, specially when working with an even percentage such as ten percent is to remember this rule."When working with 10%'s of a number, 10% of that number will be that number itself minus one zero."So If we follow this rule 10% of 480 would be the number itself minus one zero. So 480 minus one zero would be 48.Now that you have 10% of your amount just add that 10% to your amount.$480 + $48 = $528.

What structure into which DNA arranges itself?

DNA arranges itself into a double helix.

What is 90 increased by 80 percent?

90 increased by 80 percent of itself is 162.

When the amount earned on a deposit has become part of the principal at the end of a specified time period the concept is called Answer discount interest compound interest primary interest?

If the interest is reinvested and so itself gains interest (in the next interest period) it is compound interest.

How long does it take a principal of RM 25000 at a simple interest rate of 5 percent to become RM 30000?

4 time periods (eg 4 years if the 5% simple interest were added each year). In simple interest, the interest is added, but attracts no interest itself (that is compound interest) - only the original value attracts the interest: 5% of RM 25000 = RM 1250 added each time RM 30000 - RM 25000 = RM 5000 RM 5000 ÷ RM 1250 = 4 time periods