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An isosceles triangle has only one line of symmetry

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Q: What trainagle has one line of symmetry?
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How many line of symmetry are there in an A?

One line of symmetry

What is the difference between line symmetry and line of symmetry?

A symmetrical shape is said to have line symmetry. A shape that has line symmetry can have one or more lines of symmetry

Line of symmetry for the letter A?

It has one line of vertical symmetry

What are the 3 letters that have one line of symmetry?

C has 1 horizontal line of symmetry V & W have one vertical line of symmetry.

One line symmetry?

An isosceles triangle for example has only one line of symmetry

A shape that has at least one line of symmetry?

a shape with a line of symmetry

How many lines of symmetry does a cardioid have?

A cardioid has 1 line of symmetry.

What is an instrument with one line of symmetry?

a circle is made with one line of symmetry drum tambourine

What geometric figure has only one line of symmetry?

Only One Line of SymmetryAn isosceles triangle only has one line of symmetry.

What is the name of a shape with 1 parallel line and 1 symmetry?

You cannot have one parallel line. There must be another line that it is parallel to. Also, 1 symmetry is meaningless - you can have one axis of symmetry or rotational symmetry of order one. The answer will depend on which one it is.

What is it called when you only have one line of symmetry?

An object that has only one line of symmetry is said to have bilateral symmetry. This means that it can be divided into two equal halves along one axis.

What shape has at least 1 line of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle has one line of symmetry