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equilateral right triangle

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Q: What triangle has all sides the same length and has a right angle?
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A triangle with 2 equal sides but no right angle?

a triangle with two sides the same length and no right angle

What right triangle has legs of equal length?

It's not possible to have a right angle triangle with sides of equal length. The sides on a right angle triangle are always in the ratio 3:4:5.

What is a right scalent triangle?

A right scalent triangle is a triangle with a right angle and no sides equal in length.

What does right isosceles mean?

An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two sides of equal length. A right triangle has an interior angle of 90 degrees. A right isosceles triangle has both characteristics. The 90 degree angle will be the angle formed by the sides of equal length.

What is the name of A triangle with sides of no equal length?

A triangle with no right angle and sides of different lengths is a scalene triangle.

What are the 6 possible groups of triangles?

Right triangle= has a right angle Acute triangle= has an acute angle Obtuse triangle= has an obtuse angle Equilateral triangle= all sides are the same length Scalene triangle= has no sides the same length Isosceles triangle= has only two sides the same length the triangles here make perfict dildose and condoms

What triangle has 2 sides the same and the same length and a angle of 90 degrees?

An isosceles right angle triangle

What is the difference between an isosceles triangle and a right triangle?

In an isosceles triangle, two sides are of equal length. An isosceles triangle also has two congruent angles. An equilateral triangle is an isosceles triangle, but not all isosceles triangles are equilateral triangles. __________ A right triangle (or right-angled triangle, formerly called a rectangled triangle) has one 90° internal angle (a right angle). The side opposite to the right angle is the hypotenuse; it is the longest side in the right triangle. An isoceles triangle has TWO sides of equal length but and equilateral triangle has THREE sides of equal length.

Which is a triangle with no sides the same length and an interior angle measuring 90 degrees?

This is a right triangle.

How are equilateral triangle and right triangle different?

Equilateral triangles are triengles where each side is the same length. A right triangle only requires that 2 of the sides form a right angle (90 degree angle) to eachother, but the sides do not have to all be of equal length.

What triangle has one right angle and two sides the same length?

An isoceles triangle has two angles that are the same length with the third being different. It can be a right angle or another angle. or it's also called a Right Isosceles triangle.

What is the length of the triangle if it's sides are 9 and 15?

It's a right angle triangle and its length is 12 units of measurement.