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45 degree angles

two 45degree angle
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Q: What two angles would you get if you split a right angle in half?
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What are two angles you would get if you spilt a right angle in half?

A right angle is 90 degrees. If you split it in half perfectly, each resulant angle would then be 45 degrees. (90/2). Source- 12 years of math.

Does a triangle have 2 obtuse angles and 1 right angle?

No that would be impossible but it can have 2 acute angles and 1 right angle which would be a right angle triangle

How meany angles does a right angle have?

A right angle has one angle, notice the words, "A right angle" (emphasis on the "A"), if it were a right triangle it would have 3 angles (TRIangle, tri means three).

How would triangle look like with a right angle or a obtuse angle?

The other two angles would be acute angles

Can all triangles have right angles?

yes they can,they can have right angles because if you turn it then you would have a right angle

Can a trapazoid have 3 right angles?

no. if you have 3 right angles it is impossible to not have a 4th right angle which would then be a square

How many angles are smaller than a right angle in a parallelogram?

there are 4 angles and normally, there would be 2 angles that are smaller than a right angle Except of cause if the parallelogram is a square or a rectangle, all angles are equal to 90 i.e. right angle

Can a quadrilateral have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle?

No a quadrilateral can't have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle because if a polygon did have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle then it would not even be a quadrilateral.

What angle would you have if a straight angle is bisected into 2 equal halves?

Two equal angles would be the result

What are complimentary angles?

A complementary angle is the angle that would create a right angle when added on to the original angle. So, if you had an angle of 60o, the complementary angle would be 30o

What angles would you use to find height?

right angle

Why can you not draw a trapezoid with three right angles?

The sum of all four angles is 360 degrees. If three of the angles were right angles then the fourth would have to be a right angle. You would then have a rectangle or a square, but not a trapezium.