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rectangles, squares

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Q: What two quadrilaterals have four right angles?
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What two types of quadrilaterals have four right angles?

the two types of quadrilaterals that have four right angles are a square and a rectangle

What 2 quadrilaterals have four right angles?

The two quadrilaterals that have four right angles are rectangles and squares.

Does all Quadrilaterals have at least one right angles?

No, a quadrilateral does not necessarily have any right angles. If it has a right angle, it will necessarily have four right angles, and will be a rectangle. But not all quadrilaterals are rectangles. As long as a polygon has four sides, it is a quadrilateral. It might have, for example, two angles of 100o and two angles of 80o.

Two quadrilaterals that have four right angles?

A, 1 is a square, 2 is a rectangle

What two quadrilaterals shapes have four right angles?

squares &+ rectangles. hahaha.

Do quadrilaterals have right angles?

"Quadrilateral" simply means "four sided". Some quadrilaterals do have right angles; squares or rectangles, for example. Some have one or two right angles, but some don't have any right (90 degree) angles.

What is the name of the set of quadrilaterals with two pairs of right angles?

A rectangle or a square are sets of quadrilaterals with two pairs of right angles. They each have two pairs of right angles and two sets of equal sides.

Which quadrilateral must have four congruent angles?

A rectangle and a square are two types of quadrilaterals having four equal angles, where each of them equals a right angle.

Are all quadrilaterals cyclic quadrilaterals?

No, one example is a kite that DOES NOT have two right angles. It is not a cyclic quadrilateral. A kite that does have two right angles is one.

What two quadrilaterals have no right angles?

rhoumbus & trapazoid

Which quadrilateral always have a 90-degree angles?

The only quadrilaterals that always have all four right angles are the square and the rectangle. All four angles in a quadrilateral must add up to 360 degrees.It is possible to have non-regular quadrilaterals with one or two right angles. A quadrilateral with three right angles becomes either a square or a rectangle, because its fourth angle must also be a right angle.

What are two quadrilaterals that have 4 right angles?

squares and rectangles