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Q: What type of figure will be formed by the size change in either of these matrices?
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What is the magnitude of the size change of the figures formed by these matrices?

There are no matrices in the question!

How are geographical pediments formed?

Wind or Water. I can't figure it out either but its one of those two.

What is a figure formed by a transformation?

A transformation can be several changes.A translation is a slide without changing the figure.A rotation is a turn around a point that doesn't change the figure.A dilation is a change in size either larger or smaller.A reflection is a flip over a line that doesn't change the size.

Is energy change involved when a compound is formed?

yes, enthalpy change take place when a bond is either form or break

What figure is formed by 3 or more sides?

A polygon is formed by three or more sides. there is no specific figure.

Any closed figure formed by a set of segments is a polygon?

Any closed figure formed by a set of straight linesegments is a polygon. If the segments are curved such as in a circle or oval, the closed figure is not a polygon.

What geometric figure is formed when to planes intersect?

The geometric figure formed when two planes intersect is called a polygon.* * * * *Wrong!The correct answer is a straight line.

Figure formed by two rays?


What is an example of a figure not formed with any line segments?

A circle is not formed from line segments.

Are angles real?

Yes. a. The figure formed by two lines diverging from a common point. b. The figure formed by two planes diverging from a common line.

Is making a precipitate a physical or chemical change?

There are a variety of precipitates that are formed in a variety of ways, so depending upon which precipitate you are talking about, it can involve either a physical or a chemical change.

What is a plane figure formed by coplanar segments?

It is a plane figure, for example, a semicircle, a triangle, a kite.