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Q: What type of graphs are non representational?
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Is calligraphy representational or non representational art?

representational art

What types of graphs are representational?

Diagrams, blueprints, maps, layouts, floor plans

What are some types of representational graphs?

Diagrams, blueprints, maps, layouts, floor plans

What type of graphic is one in which data can be moved within the graphic without changing the meaning?


What graphics are those in which the data can be moved around within the graphic without changing the meaning?

Non representational. Also, nice wincr cheating ;)

What is non - representational art?

It means it has no recognizable subject.

Which word does not describe Stella's Empress of India?


Abstract art vs non-representational?

They are basically interchangeable terms.

What is a type of graphical graph?

All graphs are graphical graphs because if they were not graphical graphs they would not be graphs!

What is the difference between linear and non linear graphs?

Linear graphs make straight lines. Non-linear graphs make thins like parabolas, hyperbolas, and ellipses.

What type of work of art is Mujer Pegada Series No 2 by Manuel Neriis representational abstract nonrepresentational or single media?


What is a representational prop in drama?

A representational prop in drama is related to the drama form being representational, in simpler terms, realistic drama. Making a representational prop a realistic prop. E.G. a candle, a suitcase or a pen. Where as a presentational prop would be non-realistic E.G. a giant bug, a fairy on the shoulder etc.