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Well, you have to buy materials, which means you have to deal withmoney, so you have to be able to do arithmetic.

If you're making lots of clothes, you'll want to be able to find ways

to lay patterns out efficiently - that will require geometry, probably

algebra, and maybe even calculus.

If you want to set up a manufacturing process, you would probably want

to be familiar with control theory, and perhaps calculus.

If you're really trying to be creative, topology might be useful in

helping you think up new ways to get clothes onto and off of bodies.

(For example, pants normally have three 'holes' in them - one for the

waist, and one for each leg. But diapers have _no_ holes in them - you

wrap them around the baby and fasten them. It might be interesting to

take a few minutes to think about why they are designed that way.)

If you want to design cloth patterns, it would be useful to study

tessellation's, and perhaps abstract algebra.

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Q: What type of math is used in fashion?
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