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Q: What vehicle has three degrees of freedom?
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How many degrees of freedom does water have?

Water has 3 degrees of freedom, corresponding to the three translational motion directions.

What will be the degrees of freedom for triatomic linear molecule?

A triatomic linear molecule has 5 degrees of freedom - 3 translational degrees of freedom (x, y, z), 1 rotational degree of freedom about the molecular axis, and 1 vibrational degree of freedom along the molecular axis.

What are the difference between static degrees of freedom and dynamic degrees of freedom?

Mass and damping are associated with the motion of a dynamic system. Degrees-of-freedom with mass or damping are often called dynamic degrees-of-freedom; degrees-of-freedom with stiffness are called static degrees-of-freedom. It is possible (and often desirable) in models of complex systems to have fewer dynamic degrees-of-freedom than static degrees-of-freedom.

What is the degree of freedom of a man climbing a spiral staircase?

The man's freedom depends on the dimensions of the staircase and the clothes he is wearing, plus any other encumbrances. For example, if the staircase is too tight to move in, or if he is straightjacketed and chained to the banister, his degree of freedom is zero. If the staircase is spacious enough for him to jump around in, he has at least three degrees of freedom for linear motion, and at least three for rotational motion. If he possesses the power of time travel or passage through other dimensions, he will have still more degrees of freedom. All of these may be curtailed by political influences, however.

Degree of freedom in classical mechanics?

In classical mechanics, the degree of freedom of a system refers to the number of independent parameters needed to describe the configuration of the system completely. It is essentially the number of ways a system can move or change its state. For example, a particle moving in one dimension has one degree of freedom, while a point mass moving in three dimensions has three degrees of freedom.

How many degrees of freedom does a SCARA robot have?

A scara robot uaually have 4 degrees of freedom

What Will Be The Degree Of Freedom Of A Rigid Body If one point of the body fixe?

The degree of freedom of a rigid body when one point of the body is fixed is zero. This means that the rigid body has no motion at all as it is completely pinned down by the fixed point. Any movement of the rigid body would cause it to become non-rigid.The degrees of freedom of a rigid body are expressed in terms of six independent parameters which are:Translation in three orthogonal directionsRotation around three orthogonal axesWhen one point of the rigid body is fixed the body cannot move in any of these directions resulting in a degree of freedom of zero.

How many degrees of freedom are there at the knee?

The knee has 2 degrees of freedom. Flexion/Extension and varus/valgus rotation.

What are the 6 degrees of freedom an object has in space?

A rigid object has up to 6 degrees of freedom: 3 degrees of freedom of location: In both directions of x,y,z axis 3 degrees of freedom of rotation (attitude): pitch, roll, and yaw, rotation about the x,y,z axis.

How many degrees of freedom does a 3-d object have?

How many degrees of freedom does any unconstrained object have in 3D modeling

How many degrees of freedom are there for an azeotropic mixture?

An azeotropic mixture has one degree of freedom, meaning that once the composition is fixed, the boiling point or vapor composition is also fixed.

What are 2 ball and socket joint?

Shoulder and hip joint are synovial, ball and socket (spheroidal) joints. they are multiaxial and have three degrees of freedom