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Q: What was some of the difficulties Fibonacci faced?
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What were some difficulties Continental army faced during the fight for independence?

Some of difficulties the continental army faced was a shortage of food, clothing, and sickness after the army camped in Pennsylvania in December 1776.

What were the difficulties that the Pilgrims faced at Plymouth?

Winter, hunger, some hostile or opportunistic natives, not having shelter. I am sure that they have faced many more difficulties other than this.

What was some of the difficulties colonists faced in Pennsylvania?

they didnt have money for themselfs

What were the difficulties that jaques cartier faced?

yes,some minor storms

What were some of the difficulties faced by new Latin American republics?


What are some of the major difficulties behamas of Hinduism are faced with?

They are not loved bu all

What was the difficulties that Fred Hollows faced and over commed?

I can not find anything on why and the difficulties he faced when moving can anyone help?

What was some difficulties Martin Luther King Jr had faced?

Jail and the white people

During the 19th century serious exploration of the interior of Africa began to take place What were 3 major difficulties that faced these explorers?

Some of the difficulties that they faced were being killed by wild animals, the heat, hostility from the slave trade and un-trustworthy guides.

What were difficulties that the pilgrims faced?


What were the difficulties pilgrims faced?


What were difficulties faced by Amelia Earheart?

As a female pilot she faced many difficulties from men and even groups who did not want women in aviation.