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Q: What was the epidemic that killed 15 percent of the Boston population in 1721?
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What epidemic killed many Aztecs?

the epidemic that killed many aztecs was smallpox

What happened in New Orleans in 1832 and 1833?

An epidemic of yellow fever and cholera killed one-fifth of the population.

How did the plague affect death?

The epidemic of bubonic plague in Europe known as The Black Death killed about 1/3 of the population.

What percent of the American population was either killed in the American Revolution?

1 percent of the poulation

What killed twice as many people as had died in World War 1?

The flu epidemic.

What epidemic killed millions of people after World War 1?

The epidemic that killed canadians after the war, was called the spanish influenza (flu)

Who killed 25 percent of the world population kabul or pharaoh?


What epidemic killed Jacques Cartier?

he was killed by the ep­idemic of influenza. Welcome <3 ^-^

What outbreak killed 40 percent of Constantinople's population in the sixth century?

Bubonic Plaque

How do you use the word epidemic in a sentence?

An epidemic is when many many people seem to contract a disease or illness almost at once.The reason medical professionals recommend flu shots each year is so that the area can avoid an epidemic.London's Bubonic Plague epidemic of 1665 was the worst in that city's history.The Black Plague epidemic killed nearly 1/3 of Europe's population in the Middle Ages.There was an epidemic outbreak of measles in the summer of 1978. The measles outbreak has reached epidemic proportions in 1978.

How many aboriginals were killed by the smallpox epidemic in the 1700s?


Who was killed at Boston massacre?

Crispus Attucks was killed at the Boston massacre.Five male civilians were killed at the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770.