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Q: What will be the circumference of 25mm pipe?
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What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 25mm?

A circumference of 78.54 mm

What is the circumference of a circle with a 25mm diameter?

Circumference = 25*pi =78.53981634 or about 78.5 mm

What is weight of 25mm diameter mild steel pipe?

A mild steel ERW tube 25mm diameter with 2mm wall with 1000 mm length weighs about 1.2kg

What is the volume of a pipe that has an inside diameter of 25mm and is 1000mm long?

The volume of the pipe can be calculated using the formula for the volume of a cylinder, V = πr^2h, where r is the radius of the pipe (half of the diameter) and h is the height of the pipe. Given the inside diameter is 25mm, the radius is 12.5mm. Substitute the values into the formula: V = π(12.5)^2(1000) = 981964.83 mm^3.

How much water will get through 25mm pipe per second?

depends on the pressure it is being delivered at......

What is the circumference of 12-inch pipe?

The circumference of 12-inch pipe is: 37.7 inches. (C = d x Pi)Since 12 inch pipe is a nominal size and its outside diameter is 12.75 inches, the circumference of 12 inch pipe actually is : 40.035 inches

How calculating weight of pipe?

Find the circumference of the exterior of the pipe, then find the circumference of the interior. subtract the two to find the thickness of the pipe. then multiply the length of the pipe. Now you have the mass of the pipe, so calculate that into the weight of steel or aluminum or whatever the pipe is made of.

What is the circumference of a six inch pipe?

circumference = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

What is the circumference of a pipe 10 inches in diameter?


How would a plumber measure the diameter of a pipe?

They can measure the circumference of the pipe and divide it by pi or 3.14 to get an approximate answer

What is the outside circumference of a 15 inch pipe?

It is 47.1 inches.

What is the formula of finding the circumference of the pipe?

diameter times 3.14159