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Q: What will not change when value of x is determined?
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How is the absolute value of an additive inverse determined?

| -x | = |x|

What is the value of x in x plus 6 equals 9?

The value of x can be determined by subtracting 6 from 9.

What is x over pie?

Cannot Be Determined..since the value of X is not known.

What happens to the x-value of the ordered pair when the ordered pair is reflected over the x-value?

If the reflection is over the x value, the x-value does not change.

What is a change in x?

It is (the value of x after some mathematical operation) minus (the value of x before the operation).

How do you find precent of change?

You don't.You could find percent of change but first you would have to learn to check your spelling!Suppose the value changes from X to Ythe change is (Y - X)the proportional change is (Y - X)/X = (Y/X - 1)the percentage change is 100*(Y/X - 1)that is,100*(New Value/Old Value - 1)

If 6x -1 29 what is the value of x and sup2 plus x?

Without an equality sign the given terms can't be classed as an equation and so therefore the value of x can not be determined.

The change in the y-value per change in the x-value is a ratio often referred to as the?


How is y related to x?

"Y" is the dependent variable and "X" is the independent variable. This means that the value of "Y" is determined specifically by a function when applied to the value of "X", which can be any number.

How do you retain a variable value in PHP after any change?

Simply reassign the value. If you have a variable $x, and you add 1 to it, you can store the value by stating $x = $x+1;

The slope of a line is the ratio of what?

Rise/run or y-value change (can be negative) / x-value change (can be negative)

How do you find the percent of an increase or decrease?

% change is the % of increase or % of decrease. % change = (difference of the two values / the original value) x 100% =[(original value - new value)/original value] x 100% % increase -if the value increased % decrease -if the value decreased