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It would leave four-fifths of the original number.

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Q: What would a decrease of 20 percent be for a certain number?
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How do you decrease a number by a percent?

You can put the percent number over 100 and multiply it by the number you want to decrease, like 9% decrease from 100 would be 9/100 times 100... If you have a calculator, you can move the decimal place over to the right twice, and mulitply. So 9% would be 0.09.

Would the money supply increase or decrease if the required reserve ratio was lowered from 20 percent to 10 percent?

That would be decrease

How do you write 619 as a percent?

Well it depends on what you are trying to describe it as a percent of. If you are trying to find out what percent of 619 is of 100, the answer is 619%. If you are trying to figure out what 619 percent of 1000 is the answer would be 61.9 percent. If you are trying to find out what percent it is of a certain number you would do 6.19 multiplied by the number.

What would be the percent from 198 down to 123?

a decrease of 37.87%

How do you decrease by a percent?

A - A x 1 / 100 = Xwhere 'A' is the number and 'X' is the result of decreasing by 1% from A.Example: To decrease 1% from 20 you would calculate as20 - 20 x 1 / 100 = 19.8

What would happen to the number of number of bears if the salmon were to decrease?

the bears would decrease because bears eat salmon

What is the percent of decrease of 1200 and 900?

900 is 75% of 1200 so the percentage decrease would equal 25%

What multiplying factor would decrease a quantity by 18 percent?


If the number of phytoplankton decrease what happen to the food chain in the ocean?

If the number of phytoplankton decrease the food chain would decrease in the ocean.

What would happen to the width of the confidence interval if the level of confidence is lowered from 95 percent to 90 percent?


What would happen if there was a decrease in the number of plants in a desert?

The number of first level consumers would decrease causing the second level to also decrease and so on up the food chain.

63 students is 70 percent of what number?

To find out what percentage of a number a certain number is, divide it by x/100. In this instance, 63 / (70/100) = 90.This is the opposite of what you would do if you were given the total, and told to find a certain percentage.