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Q: What would happen if a downward angle of a wing were too great?
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An object is dropped and falls to the ground with acceleration of g if its thrown upward at an angle its acceleration would be 0 larger than g g upward g downward or none of the above?

The acceleration of the object would still be g downward, regardless of the angle at which it is thrown upward. The acceleration due to gravity always acts in the downward direction towards the center of the Earth. The only difference would be the horizontal component of the velocity due to the initial angle of the throw.

What will happened when the angle of a ramp is increased?

If angled downward while increased, acceleration is increased also, as in if something were sliding down the ramp, it would go faster if angle downward is increased.

What would happen if the earth was tilted on a 28.5 degree angle instead of 23.5 degree angle?

Summers would be hotter, and winters would be colder.

What would happen if the earth was tilted on a different angle?

The seasonal variations would be different.

What would happen to the seasons if the earth was tilted on a different angle?

the seasons will change!!

When all angle in a triangle measure exactly 90 degrees?

That would never happen.

What would happen if you killed your great great grandparents?

You would create a paradox of before and after.

What would happen if you were pulling a cart tipped at about 45 degree angle and you put a board as a new extened handle with the cart at a 20 degree angle closer to the ground what will happen?

the cart will be easier pull, inspite of the weight of the board, becauce now the angle of pull is much closer to the angle of movement

What would happen if the earth was tilted 30 degrees?

If the earth was not tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees, there would not be the different seasons.

What would happen to sugar cane if the earth was tilted at a different angle?

the cane cycle would be a lot hotter so it would grow quicker

What would happen if the earth was at a different angle?

If the earth were tilted at a greater angle, the Arctic and Antarctic would be warmer in summer and colder in winter than they are now, as they would get more direct sunshine in summer. If the tilt were smaller then the Polar regions would be colder than they are now. Canada and Russia would be colder. Equatorial regions would be the same or warmer than now. All the year round. Differences in seasons would not be as great as they are now.

What would happen if Alexander the Great did not die?

He would have supplanted Jesus the Nazorean.