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To divide it into two equal angles.

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Q: What would it mean to bisect an angle?
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What does it mean for diagonals to bisect each other?

to bisect an angle means to cut it in half

What does bisect mean in maths terms?

Bisect means to seperate or split something into equal parts , like an angle bisector splits an angle exactly in half

Does the angle bisector in a triangle bisect the opposite side?

Not necessarily. The only time that the angle bisector would bisect the opposite side is if you were bisecting the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle.

Do all rectangles have diagonals which bisect?

It depends on what you mean by bisect. All rectangles have diagonals that bisect the other one. Only certain rectangles (Squares) have diagonals that bisect its vertex, the ninety degree angle.

How do you bisect an obtuse angle?

In the same way that you bisect an acute triangle. Alternatively, you could extend one of the rays of the obtuse angle so that you have an acute angle. Bisect that angle and then draw a perpendicular to the bisector of the acute angle through the vertex.

What does construct the bisector mean?

It means to bisect an angle with a compass and a straight edge or rule.

You can bisect an angle using the paper folding technique?

Yes, you can bisect an angle using the paper folding technique.

When you bisect an angle you are?

Dividing the angle into 2 congruent angles

What is it called when divide an angle in two equal angle?


Does a bisector cut an angle in half?

To bisect an angle is to divide the angle in half.

What is bisect?

A bisect splits something completely in half whether it is an angle, a line, or whatever

What does it mean to bisect a segment or an angle?

It means to divide it into two congruent (equal measure) segments, or angles.