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Q: Whats is the rate of change for the set of ordered pairs -3 19 -1 11 1 3 3 -5?
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What is the approximate average rate of change over the interval 2 6?

There have to be two (or more) ordered pairs for an average rate of change to make any sense. Your question does not.

How do you find the rate of change for the set of ordered pairs?

It is the change in the second element of the two pairs divided by the change in the corresponding first elements.So, if the two pairs are (p, q) and (r, s), the rate of change is(q - s)/(p - r) or, equivalently (s - q)/(r - p). It does not matter which of the two pairs goes first but the same order must be used for the numerator and the denominator - that is why the word "corresponding" was used above.

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