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Commas are used to delineate every third (thousands)digit. Full stops/periods are only used to separate digits from decimals.

e,g 123456789

Commas. 123,456,789 ; said as 'One hundred and twenty three million, four hundred and fifty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine.

Decimal 123,456.789 ; said as ' One hundred and twenty three thousand, four hundred and fifty six, point seven eight nine'..

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Q: When are commas necessary to include with numbers?
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Write forty six million three hundred and four in numbers?

46,000,304 -- commas are not necessary

What is the commas between numbers in place value?

The commas between numbers in place value are commas.

What is the expanded notation of 89365002?

89365002 = 80,000,000 + 9,000,000 + 300,000 + 60,000 + 5,000 + 2 The commas in these numbers are not necessary but they help avoid mistakes.

How to decide when to use commas to set off an appositive in a sentence?

I believe that when you have an appositive in a sentence that when it is not necessary you surround it with commas and when it is necessary, you don't use commas. This is what I believe the rule is, but I am not 100% sure. Anyone feel free to correct me if this is in any way not correct.

Do you put commas in decimal numbers?

Yes, but not always.

Is there a program that adds commas to large numbers?


How write out 6 million in numbers without commas?


How do you read numbers with commas?

Easy, the commas separate the numerical units. 1,000 is one thousand. 1,000,000 is one million and so on.

How can you put commas in 300698 by international way?

Generally you use commas to define triplets of numbers (from the right). so 300698 = 300,698

In excel What separates numbers with commas every 3 spaces?

The Comma format.

In which position would a modifier not require any commas?

When a modifier is necessary for the sentence to make sense, it does not require any commas. For example, "I will take the blue book" does not need commas around "blue" because it specifies which book is being referred to.

What are punctuation characters?

These are characters which are neither letters nor numbers, but are used in sentences to provide structure and make text more readable. These include periods (.), Commas (,), Question marks (?), and exclamation points (!).