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Q: When three or more lines intercects in a single point they are called?
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What is the name of the shape formed when two lines are drawn away from a single point?

That is called an angle.

Lines that have a point in common are called?

Lines that have a point in common are called concurrent lines.

Does three points intersect at a single point?

No, only three lines can intersect at a single point.

What are non concurrent lines and points?

In geometry, two or more lines are said to be concurrent if they intersect at a single point. If they do not intersect at the single point they are non concurrent.

Lines that meet at one point?

There is no specific name for lines that meet at one point, but lines that meet at a point, the point is called the intersection point.

What is it called when lines form right angles at the point of intersection are what lines?

The lines are called perpendicular lines.

What is the intersection of a two line?

If the lines are identical, then the whole lines. If not they can either not meet at all or at a single point: the point of intersection.

Do you think there is a limit to the number of lines that can intersect at a single point?

My teacher said their is an infinate number of lines that can cross through a single point, but the human eye cannot see them.

What lines share a common point?

Lines that share a common point are called an intersection, or intersecting lines.

Can perpendicular lines intersect?

Yes, perpendicular lines do intersect at a single point. Think of the line representing the x-axis, and the line representing the y-axis. These two lines are perpendicular, and they intersect at the Origin (a single point).

What is the Single point where many lines meet?

orgin? or intersection?

What do two lines intersect at?

two lines intersect at a single point in a 2D space assuming they are not parallel. in 3D space they can intersect again at a single point, or an infinite amount of points.