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Go left to right

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: When using PEMDAS do you divide before you multiply or go left to right?
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What is the answer to the problem 6x9 plus 6x0.5?

You use PEMDAS, which is Parenthesis, Exponet, Divide, Multiply, Add, Subtract. You have to do it in that order.So 6x9+6x0.5 is a problem you have to use PEMDAS for.P&E go togehter, so when there is only parentesis or exponets, and no other symbols, then you do the problem across - left to right. Same with D&M, and A&S.In the problem 6x9+6x0.5, M (multiply) is the first symbol. So, 6x9 is 54, and 6x0.5 is 3. Then, A (add) comes next, and then no more symbols. So just add 54 to 3 and you get 57.The answer to 6x9+6x0.5 is 57, AKA - 6x9+6x0.5=57

How do you solve equations in math?

you use PEMDAS which is parentheses exponents multiplication and division from left to right addition and subtraction from left to right

Who found out how to find the area of a triangle?

Find the length of the base and the perpendicular height. Multiply together. Divide answer by 2. Area of Triangle = ½(Base x Perpendicular Height) For right angled triangles, take the length of the two shortest sides, multiply them together and divide the answer by two.

What is the area of a right triangle 9 inches high and 2 feet long?

If my formula is right, it should be 108 square inches. Since it is a right triangle, you should be able to solve it like a rectangle. However, you would take half. Here you would convert feet to inches, and that would be 24. Then multiply it by 9. Then divide by 2. Or, to make it easier, you can multiply 9 by 12 and not divide later.

HOW TO find the area of right angle triangle?

Simple. Just multiply the base by the height of the triangle, and divide it into two. This works for all types of triangles.

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What is the first operation in math?

it goes parenthesis exponents, multiply and divide from left to right then add and subtract from left to right remember it by saying the word PEMDAS

How do you simplify an equation with parenthesis?

Use PEMDAS. P is for Parentheses. E is for exponents. M is for Multiplication. D is for Division. A is for Addition. And S is for Subtraction. Multiply and divide left to right. Add and subtract left to right. But do all the steps in the word PEMDAS from left to right.

Why are m?

What is M? Algebra right? PEMDAS maybe? M stands for multiply

Why m?

What is M? Algebra right? PEMDAS maybe? M stands for multiply

When doing a math problem which of the calculations is done first?

Remember PEMDAS. It stands for Parenthesis,Exponents,Multiply, Divide, Addition, and finally Subtraction. If they are already in order then just start at the left and go to the right.

Do you divide or multiply when changing meters to centermeter?

Centimeters are smaller ,right? If you multiply , it will get bigger, if u divide it gets smaller, divide.

What is the order of operations in math?

It is something you use in math to answer questions that have more than one operation and more than two parts of a problem(ex.2+7 you can't use the order of operations for,(5/8)6+7,you can use this though).The way to remember the order is PEMDAS(parenthesis,exponents,multiply,divide,add,subtract)But go left to right when you do multiply/divide and add/subtract

Math order of operations?

The order of operations can be remembered by the using PEMDAS. Parenthesis, exponents, multiply or divide (whichever comes first left to right) , add or subtract (whichever comes first left to right).

What do you multiply a number by to move the move the decimal place to the right?

Multiply by ten to move the decimal one place to the right. Multiply by 100 to move two places to the right. Divide by ten to move it one place to the left.

How do you multiply and divide decimals by powers of ten?

move the decimal point how much zeros that is in the number multiply to the Right, divide to the Left 18.75 X 100= 1875 !8.75/100= 0.1875

How do work out the area of a right angled triangle?

A right triangle is easy, simply multiply the two sides and divide by two

How do you turn 25 questions into percent?

Divide how many you got right by 25. Multiply the product by 100.

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