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Q: When would there be only four different equations for a set of math mountain numbers?
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Systems of equations with different slopes and different y-intercepts have no solutions?

No the only time that a system of equations would have no solutions is when the two equations have the same slope but different y-intercepts which would mean that they are parallel lines. However, if they have different slopes and different y-intercepts than the solution would be where the two lines intersect.

In what school subject would you study equations?

Of course, equations are going to be studied in arithmetic while in elementary school. A different kind of equations will be studied in algebra and calculus in high school.

How many and what numbers are lucky?

Lucky Numbers would be different for different people and would vary greatly.

How would you communicate with a person on a different mountain as you?


Do Equations Having More Than One Variable?

Equations can have as many variables as you want, however to solve an equation you need as many equations as there are unknowns. E.g. in an equation with x & y as the unknowns you would need two different equations containing x and/or y to solve them

Does the graph of a system of equations with different slopes have no solutions?

The graph of a system of equations with the same slope will have no solution, unless they have the same y intercept, which would give them infinitely many solutions. Different slopes means that there is one solution.

What if all the numbers are different?

Then they would not be the same.

What are the math teritories?

Well, I think that means differnet types of math fields. This would mean like arthmitic, equations, complex numbers and so on.

Are chemical equations balanced by changing the subscripts of the molecules?

No, chemical equations are balanced by adjusting the coefficients in front of the chemical formulas. Changing the subscripts would alter the actual chemical identities of the substances involved.

What six numbers average out to 4?

There are many different combinations of six numbers, but the sum of those numbers would have to be 24.

How do find the median with 4 different numbers?

There would be no median.

What are some calculus equations?

any differential equation would be considered a calculus equations.