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Q: When you leagly turn 21 what is that called?
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How old should you be to be an adult?

Leagly in the United States of America, it's 18, but there are a few things that you can not do until your 21, such as Drink, Sit at Bars, etc.

Can you put child support in an account leagly?


Can an employer legally count your tips?

can employer leagly count your tips

How can a 10 year old make 20000 dollars leagly in 3 years?

kid, you dont.

Who was the red haired teacher in leagly blond?

I think it was holland taylor. she plays on two and a half men.

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What episode in h2o does Charlotte become a mermaid?

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What is NBA youngboy?

@nba_youngboy will turn the age 21 in September of 2020.

What year makes you 21?

You would turn 21 in the year you were born plus 21 years. So, if you were born in 2000, you would turn 21 in 2021.

Can you go out the same year you turn 21?

If you mean to bar and clubs where you have to be 21, no. You have to actually be 21.

Can motorcycles ride between cars at stop signs or lights to get to the front?

leagly absolutely not but ppl do it anyway! so do what u want!@!

When does Taylor Lautner turn 21?

Taylor Lautner turns 21 in 2013