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When you put two 2's together, you would get the number 4. Two plus two is considered simple addition and is typically taught to children in Kindergarten.

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Q: When you put two 2's together what do you get?
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You have four w-2s how do you file your taxes?

Everything goes on one return, add the values together by box and put that on the line identified. All W-2s accompany the return. (Remebering the IRS computer has that info too and it's computer has already added them together).

How many orbitals of 2s?

There is only one 2s orbital in an atom.

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Two quarters put together! Two quarters put together! Two quarters put together!

What is 9r squared-4s square over 9r plus 6s?

9r2-4s2/9r+6sIt looks like you can factors the numerator(3r + 2s)(3r - 2s) [This is the factored form of 9r2-4s2]Put this back into the equation(3r+2s)(3r-2s)/9r+6sYou can also factor the denominator3(3r+2s)Put this back into the equation(3r+2s)(3r-2s)/3(3r+2s)You can cancel out the 3r+2s on top and bottom because they are the same they equal 1. Therefore your final answer is3r-2s over 3You could go further and say this is...r-(2/3)seither one is correct

Can any two triangles put together make a square or a rectangle?

can two triangles put together make a square

How many orbitals are in fluorine?

Fluorine has 9 electrons, which occupy 2s and 2p orbitals. Therefore, there are a total of three orbitals in fluorine (one 2s orbital and two 2p orbitals).

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How can you make 2s equal 5?

If 2s = 5 then s = 2.5. So by letting s equal 2.5 (two and one half) you will allow 2s to equal 5.

What is the sum of 2r and 2s?

since you do not know what r and s is all you need to write is... 2r + 2s the sum just simply means add them together.

What does 2s-4 equal?

2s-4 equals 2(s-2). You can find the answer by factoring two out of both numbers.

How can you make 4 with two 2s?

you do 2 + 2

What do you get when you put two negatives together?

You get a negative