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One is by the ferry in sunshine shores

the next is the farm i dont know the rest but soz if u find out please let me know by the way on buildabearville look out 4 me i am bethangel603!

Happy trading, games, teaching and playing with furry friends or what ever happy what ever!

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Q: Where are all five heart-shaped spots on Build-a-Bearville?
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Where are all the heart spots on buildabear?

They are in: Farm Sunshine Shores Mariana Entrance In the waterfall Cabin Pawforming Arts Center Hope you found them all!!!

How do you quit babv?

How do you quit buildabearville You can't quit buildabearville. Though you can give your buildabearville account to your friends or something or you can never go on it again and remove all your friends on buildabearville (This answer may be wrong in a couple of years).

Where are all the music notes on buildabearville blue bunny?


Where are the recycling pieces for Build-a-Bearville?

The pieces are scattered all around Buildabearville.

How Do you Get A Code For Buildabearville?

visit my site at to have all the answeres

All Build a Bear Cheats?

I haven't found all of the buildabearville cheats but i do know some! Amberbearish6

What are some kids websites wear they can make a avatar?

Clubpenguin Buildabearville Fantage Woozworld That is all I know.

What are some activation codes to adopt a bear on Buildabearville or to get free stuff?

All the codes have been expired.

Where can you get moves on buildabearville?

go onto, they have all sorts of codes 4 build a bear. including moves.

How can you take out your furry friend on buildabearville even if it isn't in your cub condo or gym or maxine's condo ect?

Great question! All you have to do is pull up your inventory. Next to the image of your buildabearville character is a dark blue button with a picture on it of a backpack, a bear head and some arrows. If you click on this your furry friend will come out of your back pack and walk around with you freely in buildabearville. I hope this helped you!

What are the buildabearville quests?

The newest buildabearville quest is the puppy dog on at Bear University of coarse So i kind of forgot some of the places that they were at so... i guess you will have to look. And i do know some hears or spots are also in buildings, and i know where the hardest one that i couldn't find was the one at Sunshine Shores Marina. But all you get is a move for your dog or animal. All you do is go to your house, click your dog or animal and look down at your list at the bottom and i should say sounds, so scroll over that and it should say Bark. *!Amberbearish6!*

Do all quolls have spots?

Yes. All quolls have white spots. Only the Spotted-tailed quoll has spots on its tail as well.