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Q: Where do you bump into gold in every day life?
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Where do you bump in to lawrencium in every day life?

the air

What are the uses of metals in your every day life?

metal can be used as jewellery which we wore in every day life that is made up of of gold and silver which is metal ans platinum a metal

If you do a bump of cocaine every hour every day what will happen to you?

You will have problems, and eventually die.

Where do bump into chlorine every day?

You may bump into chlorine in your tap water, swimming pools, cleaning products, and some food and beverages.

What are the good conductor of electricity used in every day life?

copper, gold, steel and water; to name a few

How many words are they in every day life?

3 words: every, day, life

How much money is gold?

it changes every day

Where do you bump into Gallium in every day life?

Gallium is not commonly found in everyday life, but it's used in some electronics like LEDs and integrated circuits. It's also sometimes used in thermal management applications due to its unique properties, such as its low melting point.

When was Every Day Is a New Life created?

Every Day Is a New Life was created on 2000-10-03.

How do you get 10000000000 gold in adventure quest no cheat engine or download?

You play day in and day out, capping your max gold gain every single day.

If you bump into a boy on a Friday is that love?

yes because every Friday and valentines day means he or she loves you or has a secret crush on you

What are two system of measurement in use in every day life?

You probably use metric and imperial in your every day life.