Where does the count take place?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Where does the count take place?
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How do you take a ridge count from a fingerprint?

First you must find the delta. When you find it place a dot at the farthest corner of it. then place a dot at the center of the fingerprint. With a ruler connect the dots and count the lines which intersect the line you just drew.

Why did the dual arranged between Albert and count of Montee cristo not takes place?

The duel between Albert and the Count of Monte Cristo did not take place because the Count intervened and revealed his true identity before the duel could occur. This revelation changed the circumstances of the conflict and prevented the duel from happening.

How do you take your heart beat?

In order to take your pulse you must place 2 fingers on your neck or wrist then count to 10 and see how many beats you get then multiply that by 6!

World War 1 where did the fighting take place?

the fighting took place in three continents Africa Asia Europe and if you count north America that's 4 continents

How long does it take to count to 1500?

If you count one number a second, then it will take 25 minutes.

How long does it take to count up to 1 thousand?

it take 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 seconds to count to 100 ; D

How many minutes does it take to count to a million?

it could take about 1 million seconds but it depends on how fast you count

Is count dooku in Star Wars the force unleashed game?

No. The two games take place after the events of Reveng during which Anakin Skywalker beheads him.

How long would it take to count to one hundred one?

depends how fast you count but if u count by seconds it would take about 100 seconds if u count too 120 it would take u 120 seconds or to be more closer 2 minutes

How long would it take to count a mole of rice?

If you count one rice grain per second, it will take 6.022e23 seconds to count 1 mole of rice. 1 year is 31556926 seconds, so it will take 1.9e16 years to count 1 mole of rice.

How do you calculate on an abacus?

count each place value

What is the last place you can come in for the Olympics?

Count how many countries are in the Olympics and that the last place