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Q: Where does the dividend go in its postintion?
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Which financials statement does dividends go on?

Indiana unclaimed has a dividend payment to me. How do I get a dividend statement sent to me?

Does a dividend payment increase cash flow?

If we pay Dividend the cash flow will decrease as money will go out

Which are the fluctuating dividend policies?

this policy is that policy which is fluctuating in nature and the shareholders do not generally go for this dividend policy.

What is the dividend of ninety seven by sixty?

The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.

What does it mean when you represent the remainder?

It means that the divisor does not go into the dividend evenly.

Where can you find dividend calendars?

Look at Ex-Dividend Calendars. Or go directly to the company's website. is a good source of knowing when dividends are getting paid. It is impossible to have a planned dividend date until the quarter or the year ends.

What is the number your dividing called?

THe answer is dividend. THe answer is dividend.

Where does dividend revenue go on a multiple-step income statement?

Dividend revenue is shown as other revenue section of profit and loss section of income statement.

What is the journal of Dividend Income?

If dividend income received: Debit Cash / bank Credit Dividend income If dividend income receivable: Debit Dividend income receivable Credit Dividend income

How does dividend affect share price?

The dividend is very attractive to potential investors, and if more people are buying the stock the price will go up. Also, on the days leading towards the ex-dividend date (the day you must own the stock to collect the dividend) many investors and institutions will buy up the stock to make a quick profit from the dividend which makes the share price skyrocket.

How many times dose 3 go into?

That will depend on the dividend which has not been given.

What is the journal entry for dividends receivable?

Dividend receivable Debit Cash dividend Credit Cash Debit Dividend receivable Credit