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That point is just south of the east end of Garcia St., where it turns south and heads down to join East Virginia St.,

about 0.7 mile east of S. McDonald St., in McKinney, Texas. (That's in Collin County.)

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Q: Where is 33 Degrees 12 Minutes North 96 Degrees 36 Minutes West?
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What are Aruba's latitude and longitude measurements?

Aruba's geographic coordinates are 12 degrees 30 minutes North latitude and 69 degrees 58 minutes West longitude. It's in the northern hemisphere at 12 degrees north of the Equator. It's in the western hemisphere at almost 70 degrees west of the Prime [Greenwich] Meridian in England.

What is the longitude and latitude of Honduras capital city?

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras. The coordinates are 14 degrees 4 minutes north, 87 degrees 12 minutes west.

What country is 12 degrees north 68 degrees west?

The coordinates 12 degrees north and 68 degrees west place the location in the Caribbean Sea, near the northern coast of Venezuela.

What are the coordinates of Pasadeno Texas?

The intersection of Main St. and Southmore Ave. is at 29 degrees 41 minutes 26 seconds north latitude 95 degrees 12 minutes 33 seconds west longitude

Where is 12 degrees 40 minutes north and 23 degrees 30 minutes north by 55 degrees west and 85 degrees west?

The coordinates provided correspond to an area over the Caribbean Sea, between the islands of Jamaica and Hispaniola, near the Windward Passage. It is offshore between the countries of Cuba and Haiti, at a point southwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

What is the line of longitude and latitude of Serbia?

Serbia goes from 46 degrees 12 minutes north to 42 degrees north, and from 18 degrees 50 minutes east to 23 degrees east.

What is the latitude and longitude of Gaeta Italy?

41 degrees 12 minutes north, 13 degrees 34 minutes east

What is Aruba's latitude?

Aruba's latitude is 12 degrees 30 minutes North latitude. This means that Aruba is 12 degrees 30 minutes North of the Equator. Because Aruba is north of the equator, it's in the northern hemisphere.

What is at 30 degrees 31 minutes north 75 degrees 12 minutes west?

Read percy Jackson and the sea of monsters. Or the answer is THE SEA OF MONSTERS. In other words THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. That's what mortals call it.

What is the absolute location of Lizard Point England?

The Lizard Point (not far from where I live) is the most southerly point of the UK at 49 degrees 57 minutes 32 seconds North 5 degrees 12 minutes 23 seconds West

Where is Aruba's younger limestone visible?

Rincon is where younger limestone is best visible. It's a cove in southeastern Aruba. Its geographic coordinates are 12 degrees 28 minutes North latitude and 69 degrees 52 minutes West latitude.

What line of latitude and longitude is Copenhagen Denmark?

55 degrees 40 minutes North by 12 degrees 34 minutes East.