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Q: Which Asian country produces the most tuna?
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Country eats the most tuna?

japan, the most (36% of the world's catch), followed by US (31%).

What country do tuna come form?

Tuna is a fish it is mostly picked in the Atlantic ocean.

What fish name starts with the letter t?

Tilapia- I believe it's an Asian fish. Tuna Trout Tarpon Tetra

Worlds most musical fish?

The piano tuna

What is the most valuable fish?

Tuna sells for the most money in the Japanese sushi market.

Can Asian people fly?

no, but they can eat tuna rolls faster than a speeding bullet on a cold December day.

What country does tin tuna come from?

your bum

What country does tinned tuna fish come from?

your bum

Which country in asia is the largest producer of tuna?


What colour meat is tuna?

It depends on the species. Most tuna, such as bluefin tuna has a dark grey meat, whereas albacore or albacore tuna is white. In the U.S., only albacore tuna can be marketed as "white meat tuna."

What country do blue fin tuna live in?

The Yellowfin tuna are found all along the Gulf, out in the open sea. This species of tuna breeds more often all throughout the year.

What county do tuna live in?

either japan or a chinese country