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It depends on how much of each substance you have. The more you have, the higher the volume.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine without amounts of each.

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Q: Which as the greatest volume dirt rocks sugar or feathers?
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Hat weighs more sugar or feathers?

1 lb of sugar weighs exactly the same as 1lb of feathers. a pound is a pound is a pound.

Are sugar crystals rocks?

No, sugar crystals are not considered rocks. Rocks are naturally occurring solid objects made up of minerals, while sugar crystals are formed from a dissolved substance (sugar) that solidifies as it crystallizes.

What is the volume of 10 grams of sugar?

The volume of 10 grams of sugar depends on the density of the sugar. The volume can be calculated by dividing the mass by the density of the sugar. For example, if the density of sugar is 1.59 g/cm3, then the volume of 10 grams of sugar would be approximately 6.29 cm3.

When sugar is dissolved in water does the volume of liquid increase?

Concentration increases

Who is Sugar in the rocks?


What is the volume of sugar and water mixture?

The volume of a sugar and water mixture is less than the volume of each substance alone because when water is added to sugar, water fills in the little spaces between the particles of sugar, resulting in a lower volume.

When sugar is disolved in water there is increasing in the volume?

The volume increase.

Why does a cup of candy corn weigh more than a cup of popcorn?

You know I would say it is because candy corn is heavier. :P For the same reason a box of rocks is heavier than a box of feathers. A cup measures a size or amount - a volume, not a weight. Candy Corn has a much higher mass than popcorn. Popcorn is mostly air, and Candy Corn is mostly sugar.

Which countries produce the greatest amount of tea coffee and sugar?

China produces the greatest amount of tea coffee and sugar in the world

When you add 5ml of sugar to 250ml of coffee the volume is still 250ml?

The addition of 5ml of sugar to 250ml of coffee should increase the total volume to 255ml, not remain at 250ml. Mixing two substances typically leads to an increase in total volume due to the added volume of the sugar.

When sugar dissolve in water there is no change in volume?

Yes there is a change in volume.

Is sugar a mass or a volume?

Sugar can be measured in both mass (grams) and volume (cups). The mass of sugar is typically used in baking recipes to ensure accurate measurements, while volume measurements are more common in everyday cooking.