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Contact the BPI, ask the people who work there

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Q: Which bpi branch has 0446 at its first 4-digit number in the account?
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What number is the Branch number at the bottom of cheques?

The branch number at the bottom of a cheque is typically the 5-digit number that identifies the specific banking branch where the account is held. This number helps to ensure that the cheque is processed correctly and routed to the correct bank branch for clearance.

What is ocbc branch code?

-Use first 3 digits of Account No as BranchCode - Drop first 3 digits of Account No for the Account No field eg. For account 5501089550, the Branch Code will be 550 and the Account No will be 1089550.

What Bank branch this Sort Code 72-50-00?

All Alliance & Leicester accounts have this sort code, no matter which branch they are registered to. The final digit, 0, is usually replaced by the first digit of the person's 9-digit account number, leaving them with a more common 8-digit account number. For instance, if my account number was 123456789, my sort code would be 72-50-01 and my account number 23456789.

What is the MICR code of HDFC bank mithakhali branch ahmedabad?

The MICR code for the bank where you have the account can be found on your account cheque leaf. It is a 9 digit number. The first 6 digits are the cheque number, the next 9 digits are the MICR code. I am not sure if the MICR code differs from branch to branch. The best bit is to take the information on your cheque leaf.

What is the account number format in national Australia bank?

National Australia Bank (NAB) account number format has 6-digits. The first 3-digits are the bank institution code that is preceded by the 3-digit branch code.

How do you get 16 digit account no of corporation bank mahalakshmipuram branch?

First, one will need to be introduced by someone holding an account with SBI. After they are introduced by this account holder the remaining process of becoming a member, with an account number will be completed by an SBI bank agent.

What is the phone number of the First Avenue Branch in Newark?

The phone number of the First Avenue Branch is: 201-733-7800.

What is the phone number of the First Ward Branch in Paterson?

The phone number of the First Ward Branch is: 201-942-2398.

How many digits are in an Indian overseas bank savings account number?

15 digits (the first four digits is the branch code)

What is the phone number of the Forty-First Avenue Branch in Gary?

The phone number of the Forty-First Avenue Branch is: 219-980-5180.

How can you find out the IFSC code from Account number?

The IFSC code, or the Indian Financial System Code, is an 11 digit code that identifies the bank and branch that an account is held at. If you're aware of your bank and its district branch you should be able to check for the IFSC but you won't be able to get the whole code from just your account (although the last four numbers of the code will be the first four numbers of your account).

Swift code for national commercial bank Hagley park road Jamaica?

JNCBJMKX However all branches of JNCB use the same swift code the unique identifier is in the account number where as the first two digits of said account number identifies the branch