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The distance to a star.

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Q: Which can not be a length measured to the nearest 14 inch?
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How do you measure to the nearest eighth inch on a ruler?

Report the length as x inches to the nearest quarter of an inch.

What is the measurement of the long side of the dollar bill in the nearest 12 inch 14 inch and 18 inch.?

To the nearest 12 inches it is 12 inches long. To the nearest 14 or 18 inches, it is 0 inches long.

What is 13.88in rounded to the nearest inch?

It rounds to 14 inches

What is the length of an ordinary computer monitor?


Calculate the area of a poster that measures 40 inch by 14 inch?

Area = Length * Breadth = 40" * 14" = 560 square inches.

Is 3.85 inches measured by the 16nth?

No, it is not. The nearest 16th is 14/16ths = 0.875 and 13/16ths = 0.8125.

What weight will a 2 inch thick by 14 inches width by 36 inches length support in water or its buoyancy factor?

Cork board at 2 inch thick by 14 inch width by 36 inches in length will support what weight in water? (buoyancy factor) is a physics problem.

Give a length in millimeters that would be 1 dm to the nearest decimeter and 14 cm to the nearest cm?

139mm rounded to the nearest centimetre is 14cm - and rounded to the nearest decimetre would be 1dm.

What is the blade length Walker turner 14 inch band saw?

The blade length for a Walker Turner 14 inch band saw is typically 93-1/2 inches. It is important to verify this measurement with the specific model as it may vary.

A rule measures length to the nearest 0.25 inches . what is the most appropriate way to report length using this ruler?

14.25 inches

What is Uranus s length of day measured in earth time?

Uranus's rotates in 17 hours, 14 minutes, and 24 seconds.

How long is a 14 rung ladder?

The length of a ladder is typically measured by its height rather than the number of rungs. A 14-rung ladder could vary in length depending on the size and spacing of the rungs, but generally, a 14-foot ladder is a common size for household use.