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Q: Which capital letter appears to have perpendicular line segments?
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What capital letter has perpendicular line segments?

They are: E T F H and L

Which two upper case letters are formed with only two perpendicular segments?

Remember that "perpendicular" means "at a right (90 degree) angle". The two uppercase letter that are formed with onlytwo perpendicular segments are T and L.

What capital letter has perpendicular lines?

the letter A, the letter V, the letter X is the best example. If by perpendicular you mean 90º, the answer is E, F, I, L, and T. A, V and X are not perpendicular, they are acute angles.

What letter most appears at the start of a capital city?

The letter C appears most, as it is at the start of both Capital and City.

Is a square a perpendicular or not?

The segments of a square are perpendicular. Take the letter " T " for example. Where the bottom line connects the the top line forms a 90 degree angle, which makes them two lines perpendicular.

What letters of the alphabet consist of only a line segment perpendicular to a pair of parallel line segments?

The letter - H

Are the perpendicular line segments of a letter the straight lines?

Not necessarily. The horizontal and diagonal lines are also straight lines.

How many letters of the alphabet have perpendicular line segments?

The answer to this probably depends on (a) the font and (b) wheter the uppercase letter or the lowercase letters are considered. In this particular font, in uppercase B D E F H I K L M N P R and T all have perpendicular segments, G has a short perpendicular segment J has a perpendicular segment which ends in a curve U has two perpendicular segments joined by a curve and in lowercase b d h i k l m n p r and u all have perpendicular segments a f g j and t all have perpendicular segments with curved parts.

Which capital letter does not appear to have parallel or perpendicular C L N Z?

It is C which has no perpendicular or parallel lines

Which letter in the sentence you are now reading appears a second time nearest the beginning?

capital letter

What always appears at the beginning of a sentence?

A capital letter always starts a sentence.

What alphabet letter has perpendicular lines?

Perpendicular lines meet at right angles and in the alphabet in capital letters they are E T F H and L