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Q: Which container would be authorized for shipping 10 liters of Vanadium Tetrachloride when shipping by military air?
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Abraham Lincoln authorized women to oversee which operation in military installations?

Abraham Lincoln authorized women to oversee which operations in military installations?

What US President authorized the military operation of Rolling Thunder in Vietnam?

Lyndon Johnson authorized this and most of the military operations in Vietnam.

What began when a federal network of hospitals was authorized to treat military personnel in 1798?

In 1798 there were no federal military hospitals.

What is the roman celebration of the military victory called?

A major victory (over 5,000 enemy dead on the battlefield) might be rewarded by a Triumph (a triumphal procession through the city with army, spoils and the vanquished leader, followed by religious ceremony, strangling of the vanquished leader and a feast).A lesser victory might be rewarded by an Ovation in the Senate.

Are military retirees authorized to purchase issue items at military clothing sales stores?

Yes, you are allowed to purchase military issue clothing if you are not in or have once been in the military.

When are military personal always authorized to escape?

Military personnel are authorized to escape when their safety is at immediate risk or when they are taken as prisoners of war. In such situations, they are allowed to take necessary actions to flee the threat and seek safety.

What Authorized a ban on gay people in the military?

There is no ban on gay people serving in the U.S. military. The ban was lifted in 2011.It was originally authorized when the military code was first written in the 19th Century. It evolved into Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) in 1993, and was completely lifted in 2011

What is a military?

A military is a part of a government. It is authorized to use lethal force, and weapons to defend and support the interests of a state or country.

What is the forced Bill?

It authorized the president to use military to enforce acts of Congress.

Who authorized a military draft during World War 1?

The Selective Service Act

What is the order of the incorporation branches of the military?

The United States Army was authorized by Congress on June 14, 1775.The United States Navy was authorized by Congress on October 13, 1775.The United States Marine Corps was authorized by Congress on November 10, 1775.The United States Air Force became a separate branch of the military on September 18, 1947.

In 1862 legislation was pushed through Congress that authorized?

July 1862 The U.S. Congress passed the Militia Act, which authorized the president to use black troops in combat.African American to serve in the military