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Countries from all over the world produce very expensive wines. Some of the most expensive can be found in France or the United States from California.

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Q: Which country produces the most expensive wine?
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Which country produces the most white wine?

Although the USA is number four on the overall list is the top new world wine producing country. Australia produces the most per capita.

As of 2005 what country produces the most wine each year?


Which country produces the sweetest desert wine?

Canada's Ice Wine

Which country produces most wines?

France is the country that produces the most wine in the world. The country is known for its diverse regions and high-quality wines, produced in regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne.

Largest area growing wines in europhean country?

Italy produces the most wine of any country, followed closely by France. Either of them could have the largest total area of wine producing.

Who produces the most wine?


How much do the most expensive Wedding Gift Baskets cost from Wine Country Gift Baskets?

The most expensive wedding gift basket from wine country gift baskets cost $300. It contains an assortment of different wines from various regions of the world. In addition, there are a variety of biscuits included in the basket.

Who produces the most wine in Italy?

the fartengartens

Which country is Largest producer of grapes and champagne?

argentina I've no idea if Argentina produces the most grapes in the world, Italy definitly produces the most wine though and France produces the most Champagne, being that it's the only place allowed to produce it!

What European country has the most growing vines?

In 2010, France got back its position of first wine producing country in the world after losing it in 2009. Source:

What country consumes most wine per capita?

Type yourWhat country consumes the most wine per capita?here...

Which country produces largest volume of wine per year?

In 2010, France and Italy were the top wine producers by volume. Each country produced over 4,500,000 liters.