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Q: Which element takes up 0 point 9 percent of the air?
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What element make up 79 percent of the air you breathe?

Nitrogen is the element that makes up approximately 79% of the air we breathe.

What element makes up 76 percent of air?

It is nitrogen and it makes more than 78% of the air.

What element make up seventy eight percent of the air and is found in the fifth group?


What element makes up 75 percent of the of the air and is found in the 15th group?

Nitrogen is present in group-15. It majorly constitutes air.

What element makes 20 percent of the air?

OXYGEN is the closest at 27% is the closest so stop annoying me i will kill you

What element makes up about 80 percent of the air you breath?

Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air we breathe, with oxygen making up around 21%.

When the relative humidity is 100 percent the air temperature is equal to the dew point temperature?

Yes, when the relative humidity is 100 percent, it means the air is holding the maximum amount of moisture it can at that temperature. At this point, the air temperature is equal to the dew point temperature, causing condensation to form as the air becomes saturated with moisture.

What element has most power?

element air . Air was an element in the old Greek system, it is not a chemical element.

What takes up 80 percent of the air?

Nitrogen gas (N2) typically makes up about 78% of Earth's atmosphere.

What element is non metallic and a diatomic gas that makes up 20 percent of normal air?

The element is nitrogen. It exists as a diatomic gas (N2) and makes up approximately 78% of Earth's atmosphere.

Why is a five pointed star the Wiccan symbol?

Each point represents an element--earth, air, wind, fire, and self or spirit.

What advantage did the German blitzkrieg depend on?

Speed and combined arms : air , armor and infantry at the point of attack .