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the second hand

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Q: Which has more momentum a second hand on a clock or a minute hand on a clock?
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Why is the third hand on the clock called a second hand?

The third hand on the clock is the one that counts second. So it's not 'second' as in 'first, second', it is second as in 'hour, minute, second'.

What is the second hand on a clock called?

Sometimes, it is called a sweep hand, but the hands on a clock usually are called hour, minute, and second.

What are the three hands on the clock called?

The hour hand, the minute hand and the second hand.

How could you make a analog clock more precise?

add a second minute hand. If you could add a second minute hand to an analog clock, you would be able to increase the precision by allowing the time to be determined to the second.

What is the third hand on a clock or watch called?

There are 3 hands. The second hand, the minute hand and the hour hand.

How many hands has a clock?

3. The hour hand, the minute hand, and on most clocks, the second hand.

What is a minute hand on a clock?

The minute hand is the largest hand on most analogue clocks. At 3 o'clock on a 12-hour clock, the minute hand is pointing straight up to the 12. It measures time to the nearest minute by advancing one of the small minute hash marks every 60 seconds. Every time the second hand makes one full sweep of the clock face, the minute hand advances one of the minute marks. The second hand is the fastest moving hand on a standard analogue clock, making one full sweep every 60 seconds.

How many revolutions does the second hand on a clock make?

1 per minute.

How many degrees does the second hand of a clock travel in one minute?


How many degrees does the second hand on a clock move in 1 minute?


What is on a clock face?

Generally, the numbers 1 through 12, a minute hand, a second hand, and an hour hand.

Why does a second hand of a clock have a slower velocity?

No the 'second hand' of a clock has a higher velocity, it makes one rotation each minute, while the minute hand makes on rotation each hour and the hour hand makes one rotation every 12 hours.

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