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msd 0.560

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Which has the least variability Mean Standard Deviation 0.560 Median Standard Deviation 0.796?
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Which of the following is least affected if an extreme high outlier is added to your data mean median or standard deviation or ALL?

The median is least affected by an extreme outlier. Mean and standard deviation ARE affected by extreme outliers.

Can standard deviation be a negative?

No. Standard deviation is the square root of a non-negative number (the variance) and as such has to be at least zero. Please see the related links for a definition of standard deviation and some examples.

What is the mean and standard deviation of 60 percent of 300?

There is insufficient information in the question to answer it. In order to compute a mean and a standard deviation, you need at least two data points, but the question only gave one. Please restate the question.

Give an example of how standard deviation can be useful Also why is underestimating the standard deviation as in the case with the Range Rule Thumb a better method than overestimating?

to calculate the standard deviation you must put each number in order from the least to the gr east then you must find your mean after you find your mean you must subtract your mean from each of the data set numbers once you finishsubtracting the data set numbers you add them up and divide by the amount of numbers there are and you have found the standard deviation.

What does median mean in kid form?

To find a median, put the set of numbers in least to greatest. The number in the middle = median.

List at least three limitions of photovoltaic systems?

1. Space required 2. Variability in sunlight = variability in power output 3. Initial expense

Can there be more than one median to a number?

No and a single number cannot have a median either you need a series (at least two) to have a median.

Is A distribution is noticeably bimodal if the means of each distribution are separated by at least one standard deviation?

This could be a bimodal. There are many other factors that would have to be taken into account as well.

What is the sources of variability in a stats graphs?

the whole question is that The data is not perfectly linear. Identify at least 2 sources of variability in this data AND explain the effect of each? Sources of variability = outlier???? so do I just need to indicate where the outliers are???

What is median in mathmatical language?

arrange the set of number in order from least to greatest and the middle number is the median. You have to arrange them in order from least to greatest or it's wrong. (or greatest to least)

What is the median of these numbers 31 30.5 29.2?

When numbers are put in order either least to greatest or greatest to least, the one in the middle is the median. In an even set of numbers the average of the middle two numbers is the median. 30.5 is the median of these 3 numbers.

What is arithmetic median?

It is the number in the middle of the set from least to greatest or greatest to least. If you're having trouble, remember this song: Mean, median, mode.Mean, median, mode. Here's what they are. Here's what they are. The mean is the one that you add then divide. The median is the one in the middle of the line. The mode is the one you see most of the time. Mean, median, mode. Mean, median, mode.

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