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The imperial pint used in the UK is different to the pint used in the US.

1 imperial pint = 16 floz

1 US pint = 14 floz

1 l = 1.75975326 imperial pints = 2.11337642 US pints.


1l is less than 2 imperial pints

1l is greater than 2 US pints

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Q: Which holds more a liter bottle of lemonade or a 2 pint carton of milk?
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If you pour a 2 liter bottle of water into a half gallon carton what will happen?

the water will over fill

A bottle holds 1 liter of lemonade. Rachel fills five glasses with lemonade. She puts 150 milliliters in each glass. How much is left in the bottle?

1 liter = 1000 milliliters 5 glasses @150ml = 750 ml 1000-750=250 ml left in the bottle.

A bottle holds 1 liter of lemonade rachel fills five glasses with lemonadeshe puts 150 mlililtres in each glass how much is left in the bottle?

150mlsx5=750mls 1lt=1000mls 1000mls-750mls=250mls

What holds about a liter?

a mesuring jug or a small bottle of cola

What will the volume be of a bottle that holds 1 liter of liquid in centiliters?

1 liter = 100 centiliters

Which holds more liquid a pint or a liter bottle?

A litre bottle - it's about 1.13 pints

Does A 3 liter bottle holds about how many milliliters?

3000 ml

A bottle of ketchup holds 946 liters how many milliliters of ketchup are in the bottle?

A bottle of ketchup holds 946 milliliters, not liters.

If you estimate that you have made about two liters of lemonade how do you check your estimate?

You would have to find some sort of graduated cylinder, or more probably a pitcher and pour your lemonade into it. Then you place your graduated cylinder on a level or at least fairly level surface and check the measurement of your lemonade with the top of the liquid at eye level. Or alternately pour it in a two liter bottle. Find a two liter bottle and pour the lemonade into it and see what happens.

What is the height of a liter carton?

It depends on the shape of the litre carton.

What holds more than 1 liter?

A 2 litre bottle!A 2 litre bottle!A 2 litre bottle!A 2 litre bottle!

which unit of capacity will you use to measure the liquid in a perfume bottle?

You can measure liquid volume using metric units such as milliliter (mL) and liter (L). A dropper holds about 1 milliliter. A water bottle holds about 1 liter.